Rancho Santa Fe School Board Candidate Jason Karches

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RSF School Board

Proven Leader With Deep Community Roots

Deeply cares about the RSF community and our school

20 years of business leadership

Daughter in 4th grade at Roger Rowe

Multi generational long-term resident

MBA with broad range of relevant experience.

Promotes high performance at all levels

Active listener who seeks first to understand

Deacon and Chair of Community Outreach at The Village Church

A Summary Of My Commitment To You

Reconnect With The Community

  • Create a community ownership culture
  • Develop mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Emulate Dr. Rowe's community approach
  • First school of choice for RSF parents
  • New opportunites for community support
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    Achieve Academic Excellence

  • Set high expectations with accountability
  • Performance exceeds state standards
  • Balanced, rigorous, engaging curriculum
  • Support Social Emotional Learning
    • Ensure resources available to meet goals

    Develop Leaders Of Tomorrow

  • Attract, develop, and retain the best educators in the area
  • Provide and support leadership opportunities for our children
  • Encourage and celebrate fearless student, staff and teacher leadership
  • Uncompromising on a safe and supportive school environment
  • Sustainability For Generations

  • Demand and expect fiscal responsibility
  • Build strategic community partnerships
  • Incentivize results exceeding expectations
  • Invest to retain high performing teachers
  • Rational not emotional budget decisions
  • Implement 10 year strategic plan
  • Jason Karches

    “A Community Is Known by the School It Keeps” and the Rancho Santa Fe School District can be proud of the school we keep.  This did not happen by chance.  This happened through years of dedication and sacrifice by you, me and many of our neighbors who care deeply about our community and children and want to ensure they are provided one of the most challenging and diverse educations available.

    My name is Jason Karches, and I am running for the RSF School Board.  I am running because I care for this community and want to ensure the careful, prudent and thoughtful management of its most important asset, the R. Roger Rowe School.  I believe it is important you can trust those you elect to the School Board.  This is not a popularity contest, a forum for fanatical ideas, or a training ground to learn how to manage people, but it is a serious commitment that demands a seasoned leader committed to the future of our community.

    I am excited by the opportunity to serve the community that has given so much to myself and my family through the 40 years we have resided in the Rancho Santa Fe School District.  My wife and I have been blessed to have owned our home in the “Ranch” for the past 10 years while raising our 9 year old daughter who is currently in 4th grade at the R. Roger Rowe School.

    If elected to the school board, my initial focus will be to support the superintendent in her efforts to navigate the continued challenges the school is facing with the COVID 19 pandemic.  Once the safety protocols have been proven to keep our children and community safe, my focus will shift to ensuring our Superintendent, Donna Tripi, has the tools and resources she needs available to her so that she can accomplish the goals set forth by the current school board.  From what I have seen, Donna Tripi has the potential to do some amazing things with our school, but she unfortunately came into a very difficult set of circumstances with budget cuts and then the current pandemic.  Quoting a friend, “It’s like we’ve got a Ferrari that’s driving on a road filled with potholes”.  Just imagine what can happen when there are no more potholes, and we can really focus her efforts on what she does best which is to build a world class school.


    Academic Excellence

    • Learning and academic achievement for all students is my primary focus
    • Continue to support the adoption of new curricula to align with state standards
    • Supports cyclic monitoring of curricula to make sure we exceed standards
    • Provide developmental opportunities for faculty and staff
    • Supports the use of engaging, technology enhanced instruction with balanced extra-curricular programs to enhance the traditional educational platform
    • Continue to monitor and develop a relevant and effective social an emotional learning curriculum


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    Community Connection

    • Passion for preserving the character of RSF while ensuring a bright future
    • Family roots in RSF community for 40 years
    • My goal is to serve as a bridge providing a much deeper connection between the school and community
    • The RSF community has many hidden "gems" of opportunity for the school:
      • Creation of a community-wide Roger Rowe Day
      • Weekly editorial by students in local newspaper
      • Community philanthropy with various local groups (i.e. senior center, Rotary, RSF library, Garden Club, etc)
      • Community performances by students
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    Effective Leadership

    • Focus on developing high performing administrative and faculty teams
    • Set clear challenging expectations while providing timely, honest, and encouraging feedback in all working groups
    • Provide the resources for teachers to develop leadership opportunites in the classroom to promote student leaders
    • Support leadership and growth development in students with extracurricular programs and athletics
    • Strong ties to local law enforcement ensuring our school is up to date with fiscally responsible security
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    Sustainable Excellence for Generations

    • Responsible steward of the RSF school district's resources
    • Fiscal responsibility will guide all decisions
      • Will focus on both short and long term impact of spending
      • Focus on maximizing the tangible and intangible benefits of any significant spending decisions
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    Martin Garrick
    74th District California State Assemblyman  (2006 - 2012)
    Minority Leader of the California State Assembly  (2010)
    Vice Chair San Diego Lincoln Club
    San Diego Republican Party Centeral Committee Member
    Rancho Santa Fe Resident


    "Jason has shown me through the years we have known each other that he has the moral compass, experience and humility Rancho Santa Fe Can count on."


    Jim Ashcraft
    President RSF Fire Protection District
    President Rancho Santa Fe PIC
    Past President RSF Association
    Past President of SDSU Alumni Association
    Past President Torrey Pines High School Foundation

    "Jason cares about the school.  Jason will listen to you.  He has a daughter in fourth grade.  He will be a good school board member."


    Ernie Dronenburg
      Assessor/Recorder/Clerk  County of San Diego
    President of the San Diego County Board of Education (2000 - 2005)
    State Board of Equalization Board Member (1978 - 1998)
    Past Chairman of the Franchise Tax Board

    "I have known Jason for many years.  He has proven to me that he is an honest hardworking businessman that has the relationships and fortitude to make the Rancho Santa Fe School District Exceptional"

    A Letter From Jason Karches' Wife

    Roger Rowe School Board Candidate Jason Karches Rancho Santa Fe

    Support Jason Karches For School Board

    If you believe that with higher standards, better emotional/social support  for our children and an enhanced community engagement can move the Roger Rowe School from great to extraordinary than please help me make that happen.  One way to do that is by letting your friends and neighbors know you're voting for me.  You can do this by allowing me to put your name on my ever growing list of endorsements and/or with placing a campaign sign in front of your home or business.  Thank you in advance for your considered support.

    Meet The Candidates Forum September 22, 2020

    The non-partisan League of Women Voters hosted a virtual candidate forum giving the Rancho Santa Fe community a chance to meet the seven candidates running for three of five seats on the Rancho Santa Fe School District board on Sept. 22. With no incumbents running, this November voters will elect three new members to represent their interests on the board.

    Moderator Jeanne Brown said they collected over 100 questions from community members, narrowing it down to 12 asked in the two-hour forum. In a randomly drawn order, each candidate was given time for an introduction and closing statements in addition to answering questions.

    Read the full article here

    Watch Meet The Candidates Forum

    You can watch the entire video below or scroll down below the video and select the question(s) you would like to hear answered by all candidates.  When you click the question you would like to hear the answer for a pop up window will load the video at the beginning of the question you chose.  You can stop, fast forward, or rewind at any point during the video.

    Opening Statement

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    2 minute closing statments